Thai Huot Market Story

Thai Huot’s journey as a wholesale food and consumer product supplier as well as one of Cambodia’s finest retail supermarket chains

began in 1989 when the SEA family set up a drinks shop in the city of Phnom Penh. Within 5 years under the leadership
of Sea Sophal, this small shop transformed into a food retailer called Thai Huot Supermarket, providing local and expatriate
customers with international and local food and consumer products.

Over that same short period, it also established a trusted reputation for quality and reliability. This, plus its ability to source a wide range of branded global products at reasonable and competitive prices have helped it become one of the finest wholesale food and consumer product suppliers to hotels and restaurants. Thai Huot management’s intentional drive to build a culture of friendly,
yet professional customer service, and an insistence on respect and appreciation for customers has enabled it to build a chain
of 5 wellstocked supermarket stores in the heart of Phnom Penh